Thursday, June 26, 2014

My day Thursday !

We have the sweetest, most dear family friends ever. I think S. has been a little worried about me since we visited last Wednesday, because she said her son, O., has missed Dearest Son – they’d love to have him over for the day today. So he went with Beloved Hubby, who was working nearby, this morning, and I’ve had the day to m’self.

I’ve done about what you’d expect with it. Slept. Started reading our copy of Angela’s Ashes that we got from the Previous Town thrift for 25¢ - man, that book is depressing. I only read it during breathing treatments, so it’s not weighing too heavily on my mood.

Of course, I’ve indulged m’self as much as I can, although we’re pretty broke for now. It was kind of funny, but in the hospital, I started wanting cornbread. I actually got some one day, but it had corn, jalapenos, and tomatoes in it, and  what wasn’t vegetables wasn’t good enough to go after. While I had other options for lunch, when I really thought about it, I was still dreaming of cornbread. So I made some, and ate half of it. How broke can you be when your tummy’s full and you got what you wanted ?

Only problem is, now that I cleaned up my sewing Arena from where the cats have claimed it in my absence – and pretty much knocked over, pushed off, or otherwise hidden everything that was there – I can’t find my good scissors. Of course, no one else has seen them in weeks. (sigh) Well, I’ve been wanting a new pair anyway, just didn’t wanna shell $20. for ‘em right now. Darn.

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  1. I've heard of cornbread with corn in it, and even with jalapenos, but tomatoes? Blasphemy!

    Hope you're doing better, even with FIL's shenanigans.