Thursday, May 15, 2014

Look what I got !

Current Notes: May be able to use it this month, too ! 

Had a minor little epiphany while getting yesterday’s entry ready to publish. One of the reasons I get so far behind so quickly is, oddly, is that I’m often subconsciously (and just as often consciously) waiting for something worth writing about to happen, so I can share it. Meanwhile, I have an entry ready to go, but it’s about laundry and a movie on Netflix – not exactly thrilling material. Then, a few days go by with no real excitement – often happily, ‘thrilling’ things aren’t always great and wondrous ones – it’s daily Life As Usual, and I end up posting the boring stuff anyway. So, why not just go ahead and celebrate the mundane, there’s plenty of it, and someone else’s life is always more interesting than yours. I’ve learned to appreciate the quiet times, so maybe they’re worth sharing, too.

All that said, I do need to create more often, I really enjoy sharing those !

No time to create this evening – I barely ‘created’ dinner. The ‘gutted to the bare walls’ house yielded up a couple more treasures, and they had to be removed tonight. Beloved Hubby came home with another new front door (this frees up the old new-to-us front door resting on the porch to be used in another project he’s plotting), a matching storm door, a nice nearly new garbage disposal, and some smaller bits like light bulbs. He installed the door on the spot, and when we needed to craft a frame for the storm door, he took me along –  on the way back from getting the last of the reclaimed stuff, we could stop at Home Despot. Plus, he had a surprise for me. 

The surprise knocked me off my exercise sandals – a dual wall oven ! Wow. I would have been happy as clams at high tide with a single oven ! This one is black, with a bottom standard oven – if half again as big as any oven I’ve ever used – and a top microwave convection oven, with a turntable bigger than any platter used to serve the Thanksgiving turkey in my life. Wow. It’s all ours.

So we got it all, and got it all done, and there’s a new door and storm door already installed, and a heavy double oven waiting for the weekend in the kitchen. I can’t wait. That darn turkey’s been taking up freezer space since last November, its days are numbered !

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