Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Beloved busted butt !

Current Notes: And 'soon' is becoming 'now' every minute !

The Arena is all clean and ready to go, but there was no time to sew today. Beloved Hubby took today off, and after a long nap busted butt and got the last of the old kitchen cabinets torn down – luckily Big Trash hasn’t picked up yet – and nearly everything restored. We now have cabinets and a sink, and water in the kitchen ! In the living room, the TV is now on its own shelf, along with all the DVDs on their own shelves, and the Wii and DVD player on a small table underneath it all with the modem and router. The cooktop is still out, but should be restored tomorrow, and we still need to snake the drains before we can use the washer. That should work by the weekend.

I have major work tomorrow – even the clean dishes are dirty, because of all the construction dust, and everything else is in major disarray. I have to scrub the sink and counters before I can use them to help clean everything else ! But I have cabinets to store things in when everything’s clean again, and now that there’s separate but equal kitchens (almost), I’m hoping I can get food out of our bedroom and into the pantry.

We had a nice evening together, with Baconators and The Croods on Netflix. I really enjoyed it all. Free Birds was harder to get into, so we bailed, but Dearest Son wants to watch it tomorrow. We probably will, during lunch.

I am so close to having my kitchen back ! I’ll soon be back to whining about dishes and cooking !

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  1. Yay for almost being done with the kitchen remodel! Now to install motion sensors and alarms for uninvited guests!