Saturday, May 17, 2014

It's always something...

Current Notes: Hope Beloved likes canned Ravioli...

No such luck on Beloved Hubby’s plans. Turns out, we’ll have to bust up the kitchen floor to run a drain from the washer, we can’t tap in where he originally thought. So we’ll be lucky to have the washer working Monday, and that doesn’t even touch starting to redo our kitchen. Again, no offers to either of us from the ILs to use theirs, but MIL did bug both of us to run a line for her ice maker, since the one to our fridge is down because the kitchen water line is off for now. No sink, ya know. I asked if she could help pay for the long tubing kit that request will need, she looked at me like I slapped her, for daring to suggest she help pay for what she wants. So, no line. We just don’t have the money for it.

One of the few good things I can see outta this is that we’ll be eating the rest of our canned food up ! About all we have to cook with is the toaster oven and microwave, but you can do a lot with those. Time to get creative ! 

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  1. Oh geez, what a mess! I hope that the line replacement goes smoothly, at least.