Sunday, May 18, 2014


Current Notes: GarblewharbleArrrgh...

Things are…interesting. Turns out, we’re gonna eventually have to replace all the pipes leading in and out of this…house, if the ones under the kitchen floor are any indication. They looked like the ‘before’ part of a heart disease demonstration, if the model was made of rusted metal. Beloved Hubby did what he could, but there’s leaks, and I’m not even gonna get in to what happened when he tried to run the washer. I have no idea what’s next.

While we tried to assess the damage and what that means to our plans, FIL decided to step in and announce how wonderful his kitchen is, and how much he’s enjoying it. He’s a treasure, that one.

I’m sorry. I’m upset and a little depressed, and truly worried for Beloved. I’m gonna encourage him to just take a break and let things settle – and pray FIL gets a clue sometime this century, I think he didn’t get one last century, either. 

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