Wednesday, May 21, 2014

At least some of Chez Insanity is clean, and my guys have clean clothes...

Current Notes: So tired, and so hot...

Hoping to sew tonight. While I didn’t get near the still in-progress kitchen except to microwave lunch, I dragged half our laundry to the Laundromat first thing this morning – and discovered that, not only did someone take every washer that did more than one full-size load, they just left. ARrrrgh. Luckily, I managed to squeeze our clothes into enough washers to get it done. While it didn’t cost more money to use, I had to use more detergent, but at least I got out of there before they did. Shaking out clothes between washer and dryer cuts dry time by about 30% - and I proved that at the dryers today !

I also cleaned up the Study – it got messy in there, since the closet is the access for the bathtub pipes, and Beloved Hubby replaced those this weekend. We moved half the stuff out and only part of it got put back in. Add papers blown by wind from the open windows (AC is still down), dishes, and general trash build-up, and it needed a cleaning, even worse than the kitchen ! Plus, it was easy to see results, and easy to fit laundry sort and store around the many tasks in there. Much better ! We’d mostly cleaned up the living room last night, but there’s always socks and stray stuff to pick up, so that got done, too.

Dearest Son and I got bags of trash out, and I added some newly-emptied drawers from the old cabinets to the Big Trash pile. Hopefully that’ll get picked up tomorrow. I’m kind of surprised it’s taken City Of this long. Sometime Sunday night, someone threw an old rusted metal chaise lounge onto our pile, but it was gone Monday afternoon. We have cruising scrap metal hunters, I think. Oh, and M&FIL’s huge tube TV has found a new home, so our porch is nearly empty (save for some doors, but those’ll get used soon). Also tidied up our bedroom and swept. Tomorrow I tackle the kitchen… but tonight, I wanna either sleep or create !

Meanwhile, this might make you smile. Tonight, I finally cut the ‘TY’ tags off my Beanie Baby Rarity. The one I bought in January, identical to the one we got Dearest for his birthday. I’d always intended to, but hadn’t. She’s no longer a tagged Beanie, she’s now Rarity. Yaaay !

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