Friday, May 16, 2014

General whining with cape handout.

Current Notes: So this entry’s not a total loss, here’s a Disney-produced tutorial 
for how to make yourself a Frozen cape. 
We'll disregard that neither is film-accurate. 
Click for Bigness.
Enjoy !

I am satisfied to learn that, after a 50% discount this week only, the printer I bought last year is now $10. more than I paid for it. Gotta love office supply sales !

Today was completely unique. I don’t think I’ll ever experience another day quite like it. I’m kind of happy about that, honestly. Well, the end point is, we don’t have a kitchen anymore. M&FIL do, and they’re quite happy about that, but we’re kinda rooked. Ironically, not once have they offered to let us use their kitchen – in fact, FIL asked if he could have the big cabinet (the one left from the gutted house where Beloved was working) we’ve planned to use ourselves, because they could use another one. Um, FIL ? We have no cabinets at all. Not one. The ones that were in the kitchen were so nasty, once Beloved started demolishing the main one, the rest just could not stand. That means we have no sink, no range top. And we kind of need what we told you we were using ourselves from the start, so I have no idea what you’re thinking. Except ‘hey, we got a new kitchen for free (that so far has cost us $300. and a ridiculous amount of time), might as well claim it all, since it’s not been used for ten minutes !’. MIL even claimed our toaster, after I asked if we could share it ‘til I got another one. She just helped herself. Well, I hope they enjoyed all the take-take-take, ‘cause we can’t afford to do for them anymore.

So. Since we have a big trash pick-up day scheduled for Monday (but actually any time during next week), after an early-ending work day, Beloved Hubby came home and started getting things done and gone. To their credit, they did help move trash to the pile, and I appreciate that. I’m just a bit resentful, and I don’t think I’m entirely wrong about being so.

Anyway. I can’t even sew because stuff from the demolished kitchen is everywhere, even in my Arena chair. Beloved has hopes of moving OUR cabinets tomorrow, so I already cleaned off the TV and such – only place for the set was the sofa ! I’ll be so glad when I can put everything where it belongs again !

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