Saturday, May 10, 2014

Cabinets. Cabinets everywhere...

Current Notes: Not sure if you really wanna see the GarKitchen...

Oh, what a day. Beloved Hubby’s been working on a house that’s being completely renovated, stem to stern. Basically, it’s being gutted to the bare walls, and whatever’s there is up for grabs. Appliances are long gone – and we didn’t want any besides – and we’re hoping to score the electrical fixtures (yes, even those are going) when it’s time they get chucked onto the pile. Nobody wanted the cabinets and doors, so Beloved grabbed ‘em.

And that’s been our weekend. Installing new-to-us cabinets in the bathroom (new sink and fixtures, too !), the kitchen, and what is now M&FIL’s kitchen. In hopes of keeping the drama down, Beloved is rewiring the garage part of the Garpartment so they can have their own stove, sink, and cabinets out there, and we’ll use the ‘old’ kitchen. I can tell ya, my IL’s were definitely down with that !

So, while they got the garage cleaned up, Beloved went up to retrieve the cabinets. Turned out to be more of them than even all those projects could use, so we’re gutting the ‘old’ kitchen, too, and using the long cabinet there until we can build to more our style and taste. But first, the IL’s kitchen.

The wiring is complete, and the cabinets have been moved into place. We’re down a washer and dryer until their spots can be reconfigured, but I can always ease on down the road to the Laundromat. They have water, but no drain. Otherwise, it looks really nice out there, and they can even use their own microwave ! I’m giving them the coffee maker, they use it far more than I ever will. Hafta share the toaster for another week or so, though.

Right now, though, the two cabinets for the bathroom and our huge temporary one for the kitchen are out on the lawn. Guess what’s up for tomorrow ? (grin) Is it wrong that I’m sooo looking forward to having a kitchen I don’t have to share ?

We splurged on a parts run and got a Mexican Coca-cola. In a glass bottle ! Taste of my childhood, right there. Had to hide the bottle so Beloved won’t throw it away, ‘cause it’s my new bud vase. Gonna get the most of that $1.65 we paid for it ! 

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  1. I think it's awesome that you will have your own kitchen. I haven't had to share space in quite a few years but I remember doing a jig when I finally had my own :O)

    It's great that you're getting new to you cabinets too. I have a small bathroom and just installed a nice shelving unit. Storage space is great to get more of