Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Late Mother's Day !

Current Notes: Sorry - so involved in home works, I forgot ! 
If you're a mom, or know one, I hope the day was rosy ! 

Well, we got most of what we planned done this weekend. M&FIL’s GarKitchen is nearly complete – all we have to do is buy the hardware for their drain, install it, and it’s done. Still have to install the plumbing for the washer and dryer, but it can wait a bit longer. All this scavenged ‘free’ stuff has cost us about $130. to install and use so far, for just this weekend. But it could have cost a lot more !

The new-to-us bathroom sink and cabinets are gorgeous ! We even got rid of the huge sheet of mirror and hung up a framed one that’s been in a closet for a while. Much better ! Between the shower tiling, a new shower head - also scavenged from the renovated house – the new-to-us window, the new-salvaged faucets, and the freshly scrounged cabinets, plus the new lighting fixture we bought, the bathroom is now a pleasure to be in. He even found just enough tile for the floors – which I think is project #6 on the new to-do roster.

We didn’t get to tear up our kitchen yet, but with rain in the forecast yesterday – and yes, it’s rained all day today, gloriously chilled air is glorious – we had to get all the not-used-yet cabinets inside. So we metaphorically tore up the rest of the house, putting FIL’s huge tube TV on the porch (with his permission, he’s trying to find someone to give it to) and tugging the big cabinet in its place, with the unused smaller ones clustered around it. My Arena may be moving soon, but not today. My job today was to tidy up all the out-of-place stuff and get us back to what passes for normal for us.

So I maneuvered the counter tops back on the counters and moved our TV out of the bedroom and on top, with the Wii and DVD player clustered around. Poor TV hasn’t been turned on since we moved here – I’m so happy to have it back, it’s like we just bought it. Found space for Beloved’s wireless printer, too. Got all the miscellany off the kitchen floor so we can cook, and put tools somewhere in the vicinity of Beloved Hubby’s workbench. Only he knows precisely where they belong. Most of MIL’s jewelry is still in the hallway – there’s no longer a counter for her to store it on, or in – but I don’t know what to do with it. Hope she moves it soon, it’s right in front of our bedroom door. If not, next week I’ll shove it into a box and shove the box into the hall closet with the rest of their stuff they refuse to move. That stuff will probably remain there ‘til we bust out that part of the wall, projected sometime around September. I have a box ready to go…

It’s still cool and quiet – poor Beloved was so tired, he ate and nearly fell asleep in his plate – so I may get to sew. Wish me luck ! 


  1. Wow, you guys really busted out the renovations! $130 for all that sounds like a steal!

  2. It was - but most of the real cost came out of Beloved's back ! Hope today was awesome for you ! BTW, I still have your Luna - and a spare DJ Pon3 / Vinyl Scratch. Need her, too ?

    1. He is a handy man, that's for sure! Hope his back is doing better after all that work. Oh! I don't think I need Vinyl, but thanks for the thought! I'm sooo looking forward to trying my hand at repainting Luna! XD