Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's not much...

Current Notes:... but this is what I can offer today. 
And that's OK. 
There's the chance for better tomorrow, too !

Touch me ! I finally used the can of water chestnuts that’s been banging around our kitchens for the last two years. Was so close to donating it several times, including Saturday. All I did was rinse them off really well, then add ‘em to leftover Hot and Sour soup broth and boiled ‘em for a couple minutes. It’s dangerous (like raw cookie dough = salmonella risky) to eat ‘em uncooked. Then I added angel hair pasta and when the pasta was done, so was the soup. Tasty ! Could probably do the same thing with chicken noodle soup, but I like preserving that Asian taste.

Now I need to buy another can for the next time we get takeout from Happy Garden !

Not much else going on today – finished up the tidy work and returned due-today Library stuffs. I’m still on the first book of my third set of teen dystopian trilogies, so I didn’t get anything new. After reading several, I’m struck by the similarities. Cinderella story ? Check. Apocalyptic wars fought decades prior over ideologies that are never fully discussed ? Check. World-building limited to just what the lead characters need scene-by-scene ? Check. Three books to tell a thin, way overstretched story that would barely merit one book on a thin printing year ? Oh, heck yeah. I’d write my own, but so far, most of these dystopias are just regular life with slightly more restrictive rules – like perhaps what you’d see from overbearing parents in a gated spiritual community. Not sure why I keep reading them, unless I’m searching for the story promised in the flyleaf.

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