Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Why, Facebook, I didn't know you cared ! Hugs !

I got this little ‘card’ on my Facebook page yesterday, friend S. got a nearly identical personal morning greeting today. Did you get one ? I confess, I rather liked it.

Whew – Beloved Hubby got partial payment from a weekend side-job this morning, so we got to have a little fun. We got Dearest Son a new-to-us Star Wars Lego game he’s wanted for a while, Beloved got a book he’s been eyeing, and I bought a couple wintery embroidery designs. Including the lovely snowflake one that was still on sale that I’ve been trying to convince m’self I don’t need ‘cause I got dozens of snowflakes. I just really liked that one. Mine now !

Game Day was called off on account of allergies and sleepiness, by not just us but most of the other moms. So we got his game, poked into the thrift in the same strip, made the bank run and scored a few groceries. I’m now addicted to Fuji apples. Bought three last week from Local Grocer at 77¢ a pound, and when we went again today, they were still on sale, so I got four at just a bit over a pound. Very tasty, like an apple infused with honey, and not huge – about the time it’s gone, I was ready for it to be. I also have some Provolone cheese and breakfast cereal only I eat, and I got to see the Finding Dory trailer, so I feel rather spoiled.

And we got the local special fried chicken for supper ! I’ve had birthdays that weren’t this awesome !

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