Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It may be Christmas at DTree, but I'm sewing hearts at Chez Insanity !

Our Dollar Tree has gone full-tilt Christmas now that Halloween is over – has yours ? There was one shopping cart fulla half-price candy, and another of last year’s Christmas decorations and flowers, but the Autumn-themed merchandise seems to have vanished. Oh, I did find one end-cap of felt leaves, dishtowels, and paper napkins, but that was it. Wall-to-wall Christmas a gondola or two past where the Halloween stuff was. There were even a couple Santa Mylar balloons inflated and hovering. We’re kinda broke for the next week or two, so I didn’t look much, but I saw three different Frozen Santa hats and enough ornaments to do up a dozen trees in double-glitter shiny.

Snagged two bags of Russel Stover caramel-filled chocolate pumpkins from the half-off cart – delicious, but there’s only three in the bag. At least six for a buck wasn’t too bad. Got a set of three red jute-handled gift bags there, too. Although I only need one to take the heart keychains to Friday’s ICD appointment, I’m sure the other two will find uses eventually. Speaking of which, I gotta get going on those keychains. . .

Our Library system’s ‘Food for Fines’ starts Sunday, and I’ve already amassed enough “non-perishable, non-dented, not expired” foodstuffs to equal my indiscretions and a couple extra, to fill up the box and not look like a cheap jerk. Sad that the Library has to spell out the terms like that – and limit it to $20. in fines. Mine’s less than half that.

UPDATE : All the heart keychains are stitched out ! Only took four hours to make all twelve, and that was with dinner and several long breaks. All I have to do tomorrow is cut them out and attach the snaps. Yaaay !  

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