Monday, November 2, 2015

Frozen clones - DP & M size !

Of course, now I'm wondering if their shoes will fit FT Frankie . . .
Still adjusting to the new times, especially when it’s midnight-dark at 6am, but all the calendars and clocks are caught up ! 

 Spent a good chunk of the day tidying up from the weekend – piles of dishes and dirty pots and pans, and the Arena was a wreck, too. The Arena gets cleaned more often ‘cause I need the space to craft more, plus I can do that sitting down, watching crappy daytime TV. I can’t wait ‘til we ditch cable next month !

Not surprisingly, the Mal-Wart knockoff DP&M dolls are much smaller than their inspiration. Gonna re-dress the one I got from the thrift last week and donate her. I could alter the dress to fit, but it’s even lower quality than most of my fumbling attempts. Speaking of lowered quality, today’s photo comes from the local Dollar General. Of course, they’re right next to and above a ton of licensed products and smaller Mattel dolls. Considering going back for the Elsa lip balm, I hardly ever use the stuff, but winter’s coming, and the packaging’s cute.

Precious little else going on, hoping to sew a little bit tonight. Nothing elaborate, wanna try creating a simple straight skirt for FT Frankie. Doing so for the DP&M girls was easy, doing the same for the swayback MH body is gonna be a challenge !

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