Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy November ! Check out my new Christmas ornaments !

Happy November, and Daylight Whatever here in the States. It was nice to wake up to an ‘extra’ hour, but I’ve been off all day because of it. Was expecting this morning’s glucose levels to be sky-high after all that holiday candy last night, but it was only ten points higher than yesterday’s first reading.

That said, I ended up at Mal-Wart and secured approximately seven pounds of markdown candy for $6. Thing is, I wasn’t even there for the sugar rush, I wanted to use my first-of-the-month funds to snag those two Elsa ornaments I liked, before they sold out or I forgot. They only had two left of each. Then I realized it was not only the day after a ‘eat all the things’ holiday, but it was Sunday – yikes ! I figured it’d be a war zone, but nope. The costumes and clothes were in one section, the candy and edibles were in two others. I got gourmet candy corn, Halloween-themed salt water taffy, and two bags of fun-size decadence, skipped on the props and makeup. And I got my new Frozen ornaments. Also a free sample of a Fuji apple – delicious !

Wandered around a bit, decided to get one more Frozen and Star Wars fat quarter, as I’d already seen how pricey a yard of those stuffs were at Hancock Fabrics Friday. Not much new in Toys, but I had fun looking around. Snagged the soda Beloved Hubby favors and a day-old loaf of Italian bread and headed out.

I was bending to slide into Emmy-car’s seat when a grackle landed on her hood, tilted his/her head to one side, and let out the long half whistle, half car alarm call that’s heard repeatedly from every parking lot in this town all day long, especially in hot summer days with few puddles. He/She reminded me of the way Junior-requests / demands food, and I laughed. Then I opened up the Italian bread and fed some birds. It wasn’t long before I had a flock of grackles, sparrows, and blackbirds, all trying to scarf up as much as possible. I fed them five slices before I noticed they were more interested in intimidating each other than eating – there was still bread on the ground – and headed out. I’ll have to bring day-old bread out to the parking lot more often ! Or invest in some bird seed.

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