Saturday, November 7, 2015

Finally, I get to what I bought weeks ago - mostly to get rid of one more 'floor bag' !

Wow. I had so much fun with those keychains that I posted the photo to my Facebook Timeline, the digitizer’s fan page, and a machine embroidery keychain fan page, and I’ve had almost 40 ‘likes’ total. Wheee !

Only problem is, all that fun wrecked my Arena. Felt and vinyl scraps everywhere, along with used lack-of-tack masking tape (used to hold the vinyl and felt still in the hoop for stitching) stuck to the floor and threads and stabilizer bits liberally coating everything like flour and salt on chicken. Knew the vinyl scraps wouldn’t fit in the felt scrap box (it’s almost full already), so we made a budget trip to Dollar Tree.

I liked the clear-lid ‘starry ornament’ box I got last time, and if I know anything about our local DTree and holiday / cooking stuff, it’s that items like those sell out fast – otherwise I’d have waited a week or so, we are a bit tight on funds. Was hoping to find a different but coordinating design, but there’s only two that fit that lid, and the other was snowmen with Merry Christmas wishes all along the sides. Since mine are out and used year-round, that was a no-go. And having two identical wasn’t gonna work, as the three like mine left in our store were dented or damaged. Ended up with a slightly smaller ‘starry ornament’ box with a solid lid, but they look good stacked up. And the felt and vinyl are put away, hopefully for future projects. Cheese popcorn, I’m hoping to save for tomorrow, as I still have some of yesterday’s chips.

That done, I peeled up weak tape with just enough tack to it to stick to the floor and redid my stabilizer scrap storage. Believe it or not, I did all the VA keychains with scrap / recycled tear-away – I didn’t use a single inch of new stuff. However, that left me with a ton of tiny scraps with just a few larger ones, and they were all mixed in with cut-away and a few bits of water soluble in the Clawdeen 2013 Happy Meal pail. Not good. Got it all organized, separated the ‘tiny bits’ from the ‘big enough strips’ tear-away and put them back in the bucket separated by a divider cut from a cereal box, then repurposed a brick ramen package to hold it and the other stabilizer bits as a sort of slide out tray. Since it’s right above my cutting surface ( i.e., the washer), I added a pencil, a decent pair of scissors, and a found ruler, all stuff I’ve needed over there for a while. Considering adding stickers to the ramen box.

As for today’s image, these are the clothes I bought at the OldTown thrift last Monday, when I had to take the IL’s to their appointments. The navy blue stretch velvet dress was 49¢, the Princess Hello Kitty skirt was 69¢, and it came with a crowned Hello Kitty charm and a big silver bow that I’ve already removed. I’m gonna cut into one or both tonight, make some on-the-fly doll clothes. I’ll probably start with the dress, I have some ideas. The two hearts are silver embroidery, the stripes are silver / blue /white ribbon. But I’ll probably start with the back. . .

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