Thursday, November 5, 2015

Since they took such good care of mine, I'm giving back a little of it . . .

Kind of a lazy day. I got all the VA hearts cut out before suppertime – had to rest my hands after two or three, so I’d do a few and take a break (usually involving laundry, which I was also doing at the time), come back to ‘em later. Clamped the snaps and added the split rings after supper, so, yaaaay, they’re done ! Hope the recipients like them !

Had to run out to get gas and Dearest Son’s lunch for tomorrow, plus cat food. He’s gonna hang with his grandparents, my ILs, while I’m at the VA, and they’re not known for having lunches he likes at their place. The IL’s needed cat food, and I found a small bag with a coupon – unfortunately, it rang up incorrectly and I didn’t catch it until we got home. I’ll probably check on it after my appointment. The cheese sampler held ‘Steakhouse Onion Gouda’ this week, and it was delicious ! I’m kind of hoping they have that out tomorrow, too. . .

I am sooo gonna sew this weekend. . .


  1. They look so cool!! I especially love the purple one. They look like designer leather key chains, great job, you should be so proud. I'm sure they will be a huge hit!

  2. Whoa, those hearts came out really nice! And just in time for Veteran's Day, too!