Sunday, November 8, 2015

I love the 'pin it to the doll, cut off what doesn't work and sew down what does' fashions !

Ran the numbers this morning, and things are tighter than we thought. Yaaay ! That means we’ll mostly stay home this week and play with all we got these past few months. That said, I double-checked my resources and found that I still had a big whoppin’ two bucks in PayPal. May not seem like much, but combined with what’s left in my fun funds, I could take my pick of dozens of embroidery designs or at least one, possibly two, sewing patterns on my scattered everywhere wish-lists !

So, even though I already have untouched and barely touched purchased patterns for FT Frankie, I was online cruisin’ for more, or at least, more information. Finally got her measured – bust - 4 3/8”, waist – 4”, hips -  6 3/8”. For comparison, SilkStone Barbie’s online measurements are listed as 5, 3 ¼, and 4 ¾, respectively, and Tonner’s Tyler Wentworth’s are given as 7 ½, 4 ¼, and 7. If ya disregard the FT ghouls’ very long torsos, she could wear Silkstone blouses and Tyler pants. Luckily, Craftsy pattern maker J-Patterns generously offered free SS shirt and TW leggings patterns, so I can play with those without spending a dime. Don’t get me wrong, I love buying patterns, especially kitchen-table ones, I just hate spending $8. on one I have to alter so much, I may as well have drafted it m’self from scratch.

Speaking of that, I found an interesting take on making your own patterns for dolls who are neglected in that regard – of course, I didn’t pin it and can’t find it now. It was basically ‘ 
trace half your doll and draw the dress you want over it, and yaaay, pattern, which I have done before, with middlin’ success. I just wanna pin fabric or discarded kids’ clothes to a doll, hack off what doesn’t fit and sew up what does – that’s the quick skinny on how I made Aurora’s evening gown last night. Yet, it was just somehow refreshing to see simple pattern drafting presented so well, so easily. I wanna try it again ! Many other ‘draft your own doll clothes’ tutorials involve plastic wrap, pinstripe tape, Sharpies, and several hundred measurements – and the skill of an architect.

Lacking that skill today and on any other day, I printed out the TW leggings pattern as something my tall Frankie needed – especially since most of her wardrobe right now consists of tunics that were Barbie minidresses. That’ll change, I’m looking forward to filling up the MH lunchbox that stores her stuff, but for now, leggings !

While the measurements given for TW were all larger, the leggings I made were super-tight on Frankie, and that’s with Lycra-laden fabric plus a seriously skinny seam allowance on the butt and inseam. I don’t think they’d fit my Elphie, who has a standard Tyler Wentworth body, either. While I went with a thinner seam allowance when I could, after the fact I noted that the seam allowance drawn on the pattern wasn’t quite ¼” as stated, and yes, I did measure the ‘this box should be two inches square’  reference on the PDF pattern. Tight as it was, it gapped at the waist to get past her hips, so I’ll either use an elastic casing or a closure on the next one. It also has a bit too much fabric in the front, so I need to adjust the crotch curve, I think. I already expanded the seam allowance a quarter inch on the pattern print out – even with all the fit issues, I like the way they look, and want to use that pattern again. Photo tomorrow !

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  1. Oh I love that color on Aurora! It really brings out her eyes!