Monday, November 9, 2015

Barbie clothes do double duty with the FT Ghouls !

Found an awesome sale on embroidery designs – Nana Made decided to close her Etsy shop and stick with her own eponymous site for sales, so all the Etsy designs were on sale for a buck each, while they lasted ! She’s the designer of both of those heart keychains, so I knew whatever I bought would be great. I got the ‘lungs’ keychain and the full alphabet keychain set, which spent up my $2. in PayPal. But now, I have near-instant gifts for my awesome VA respiratory therapist and anyone with an initial !

That leaves me with a few bucks for other temptations –wish me luck ! Buggalena just came out with the prettiest Christmas tree decorations. . .

My hernia made an appearance while I was trying to make dinner, so I’ve been writhing around trying to get comfortable until I could sleep – after a short nap, I normally feel about 200% better. I just have to do relaxation exercises and focus on anything else until I can get there. Beloved had to finish dinner, as I was in no state to cook it, or eat it. Now that I’m up and around again, I’m very hungry but afraid to eat, also typical. I’ve almost finished The Help, an excellent read. It switches narration, which was delightful, since you got more viewpoints that way. The author really captured the speech cadence of the South. I’ve heard that dialect for decades, but out of mouths of many colors.

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