Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Taco Tuesday !

Whoooo, me ?
Yup, that was the excitement for the day – I made tacos for supper. At least there’s never any leftovers on that meal. Except the refried beans, I’m the only one who eats those anyway.

My rump is back on the draggin’ wagon, I kept waking up all last night and was so tired this morning, I let the Pumpkin Spice coffee Beloved Hubby got me get cold. He was over-tired, too. Even with a two hour nap and a shower, and some warmed up PSpice, I really didn’t wanna do Game Day – but that’s about Dearest Son, not me. He’s perfectly fine, so of course, he wanted to go. So we did. Other moms actually chatted with me a bit, so it wasn’t too bad, and Dearest got his social time, which is why we go in the first place. So, yeah, like most things, once it got going, it was better than expected.

Scored several embroidery design freebies today, and there’s at least a dozen good sales going on. I only scarfed up the freebies I truly liked, there were far more out there for free today than I snagged, but I was too tired to even download and store the ones that struck me as ‘meh’. I’m even less interested in the sales. I got dozens of designs and patterns I’m too tired to mess with, and we’re in a lean week, so even window-shopping steals and deals is met with a yawn and a wish to go back to sleep.

Had one of ‘those days’ at the local grocery. Had to jerk to a stop several times ‘cause others were too busy texting or reading their phones to pilot their shopping carts. Then, after I waited my turn to pick through the markdown bins, I moved to share the space with another shopper – who promptly pushed me out of the way with her cart and took over the whole space until she was done. That’s OK, really – I already know half her selections taste terrible, and at least two were dented, ‘cause they were there last week. Plus, the butcher put out some great stuff after she left. And she’s probably deaf because my ‘excuse me’ protest fell on stone ears. Her life must really rank. Meanwhile, I have enough markdown ham for Beloved’s lunches for at least a month !

Gotta get crackin’ this week if I’m to have all those heart keychains ready for my ICD appointment at the VA Friday morning. Guess what I’m up to tomorrow, after a quick run to Dollar Tree ?

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