Thursday, October 27, 2011

More boring week - hope yours is more fun !

Current Mood : Lazy and relaxed

Current Image Notes : Lagoona is quite fond of the carousel music box DMIL sent via Beloved Hubby, so I'd have something pretty to look at in the hospital. How thoughtful !

Had to do some quick housework this morning - the oxygen company was coming by to get me (giggle) fresh air. Actually, they have me on a route, every month they take away the used tanks and get me fresh ones, ask if there's any issues or concerns. I wanted to make sure our room was nice and clean, and I know it needed sweeping. So I got it done. They came by mid-afternoon, and took care of everything, even testing out the one tank we thought was malfunctioning. Turned out, it was the valve that was messed up, so they put me down for a new one. Now I know it's an OCD - Oxygen Conservation Device - and they're fairly new, so suffer from some shakedown issues. I still had an old-style valve, so that'd do for now. Only real difference is the older ones go through oxygen faster. But, truth be told, I didn't even use three of my nine tanks.

The house oxygen device - the one that pulls O2 out of the air - gets a lot more use, but I take a tank along whenever I'll be out of the house for more than an hour. We often take two of the three-hour tanks when we have a VA hospital visit ! Just in case.

So that was the big excitement today. Well, not really. Beloved Hubby was home early, and we ended up at TRU again. Nothing new. (sigh) He found a blue MH headband, though, with a skullie / diamond print and a zipper bow, and insisted on getting it for me. It's really cute, but I could only stand a few hours of wearing it and the oxygen tube before my behind-the-ears space started to hurt a bit. Hope I can stretch it out a little from time to time.

He also moved the back porch boxes into a storage shed today, after shuffling some stuff to make more space. My jewelry armoire came inside, after being on the porch until yesterday, so today I did some shuffling of my own in our room for it. Now I can really dig through it !

But it'll have to wait. I have a Halloween costume to make - Tom, of Tom and Jerry fame - and bags to make for the VA, before my next appointment. I need to start sewing, and now !

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