Wednesday, October 19, 2011


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As seen on eBay - at ridiculous prices - it's Gillington 'Gil' Weber ! Current bid is $51. plus shipping with a day to go if you can believe it. I can't wait to get my claws on this doll ! Just not enough to pay that much, although I've wanted one since he first swam into the webisodes. According to not-as-bad-as-eBay Angelic, they'll get their first shipment from Mattel tomorrow ! Here's hoping they'll hit store shelves soon afterward. I missed the chance to pay $28. for a $12. to $15. doll with AD, so they've waitlisted other buyers, but expected to be back in stock around mid-November. I think I'll continue to wait for retail availability.

Heck, we still don't have the Ghoulia outfit I want on shelves yet. Not that I've had much of a chance to look, but I always do ! Scouting around on eBay for that, all the MH 'Club' fashion sellers are either in California or on the east coast. I'll find it eventually... I just hate feeling like a schmuck for paying $20. when I should have waited for it to be everywhere for $12., ya know ?

Anyway...while the jury is still out about Gil's 'look', I find that I like him. The earlier brief prototype photo that surfaced showed him with some fierce eyebrows that seem to be softened here. Yeah, with his fin, he sort of looks like Deuce, but that's part of the overall aesthetic of MH, so I'm glad he fits in without being drastically different. After all, no matter how big or shaped his head is, it still has to fit the same 'MH Male' body ! Although he's had some upgrades from Deuce, the Hyde boys, and Clawde - jointed wrists and some chest 'scales' instead of hair ! So incredibly awesome. Well. Guess now I have to start the campaign to get a Slow-Moe doll on shelves...

Otherwise, things are going well - it's the first day we haven't had to have a yard sale or move anything. It's finally done ! Well, it's not all off the back porch yet, but everything's out of our old place and we turned the keys in. Since Beloved Hubby was off work early, we went out for lunch with just us three, and Dearest Son thoroughly fell in love with Golden Corral's lunch buffet. They had a chocolate fountain and everything ! Too bad I ate so much pot roast, rice, and stuffing that I had no room for more than a single dipped strawberry for dessert.

We also got some running-around done. Replaced a tire on the Diesel, faxed some paperwork due tomorrow, dropped off some other papers, picked up milk and OJ, that sort of stuff. I wanted to add a bit of shopping, but I started to fall asleep after such a heavy lunch, and Beloved was tired from all his work and efforts, too, so we just headed home for a pre-dinner nap. My sewing arena is now all set up, it's now the sewing / computer arena, I'll have to get a photo of it for ya. It's an amazing use of limited space, Beloved did a fantastic job of getting it all together.

I think it's amazing how everything has come together. And I'm so glad you're here ! 

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