Sunday, October 23, 2011

The view last month, for a week.

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Another sort of goof-off day - Beloved Hubby got his stuff hung up, so our somewhat crowded bedroom is more homey, at least. He put in some time cleaning and maintaining the Airsoft field with his friends this morning...but mostly got to hang out with his buddies for the first time in weeks. I was happy about that. It's important to me that he not lose his friends, especially now.

I finished up some forms and paperwork I had to get sent off, and trawled eBay for MH stuff. Very little I want these days. Rethinking the whole 'Fearleader Set' purchase, even though TRU's having a $10. off a $50. purchase sale - thanks for the heads-up, Frannie ! It just seems so excessive, even with the sale, even with the small windfall we got. It's like I'm looking for something to buy as I'm arranging my current Monster High  collection to reflect the four dolls I already know I'm not gonna keep. I'm already aware I'm looking at buying the semi-expensive stuff I sort of want to stand in for the other stuff I truly want that I can't have - the Gil doll, the Ghoulia 'Comic Club' outfit, possibly an Abbey Bominable doll - that isn't available.

It's a character flaw - I hate being frustrated, and will find a way around it, but really, I don't need to spend the money right this minute. Heck, I just spent two weeks trying to keep as much as possible, shouldn't I go enjoy that ? Sometimes I think I frustrate m'self on purpose...

Meanwhile...figured I'd start posting the photos I took of the dolls Beloved Hubby brought to me when I was in the hospital. I'd taken off their shoes for clothes fittings before I left and that's how he found them. I took an unusual amount of comfort in their presence - and that extended to how the professionals reacted to them. Everyone - nurses, custodians, doctors, and volunteers - were curious about them, not at all judgmental about this weird sick lady and her strange dolls.

I imagined Ghoulia telling Frankie and Lagoona, "There's the Terrace Restaurant ceiling, and that's the Women's Center. Over past that tower is the landing pad for the Life Flight helicopters - this hospital averages three to four flights a week." I was glad - and a twitch disappointed - that there were no flights the week I was there !

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  1. I'm glad your dolls were able to bring you comfort. I think the photo above is adorable. I hope you are continuing to heal and feel better!