Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Part Two of The Whole Sordid Mess !

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Taking up from where we left off yesterday, without too much wasted space...

So. After a bit over a week of intensive care hospitalization, I was released with seven new prescriptions - one I've already finished, so I'm down to six - and a subscription to an oxygen provider. Also a scad of appointments for the following week at the VA hospital. I have two next week, as well, and have barely had a week since this started without some sort of medical visit. But they say I'm improving, if slightly, and they want to keep a check on me. 

Now, you can imagine what this did to Beloved Hubby's work schedule. Between the ER, the VA, and the follow-up appointments, not to mention Dearest Son care on the days when DFIL and DMIL couldn't take care of him for their own medical maladies, he was about run ragged. And work suffered. Which meant, since he's self-employed, the funds did, too. Our landlord, to be immortalized here as Mr. Hardhart, wasn't interested in why the rent was late, just that he had someone skip out on another rental after doing $2000. in damage to it the week prior, so he had no sympathy to spare on anyone but Mr. Hardhart. 

So we had a choice. Although Ole Hardhart had our deposit (which is 3/4 of our rent), he clearly wasn't taking that into account. We could pay him what we had, which still wasn't all he wanted, and it meant eating what was left in the pantry and no fuel for the Diesel to get to the remaining job Beloved had. Or we could use our funds for groceries, gas, and getting us moved out - and stay for a while in the newly emptied DBIL's room at Beloved's parent's house. Dearest already has his own bedroom there. We had hopes that various delayed funds would come through, but they haven't yet, so...

Anyway, we decided to move, just until the bills were paid and we had some savings to move out, maybe around the first of the year. It's kind of humbling to move in with your in-laws, even if they are wonderful, especially when you weren't always on your best behavior those couple of months they lived with us. But maybe I was getting less than humble these past few years, I don't really know. I'm just lookin' for reasons in a random world...

Of course, that meant we needed to be up and out as soon as we could, since that's only fair to give Hardhart a chance to rent it as soon as possible. Even though we'd just had a major toss and trash from the last move to get there, and I've been too sick and not had a car to buy very much since, we'd still have to sort our stuff even thinner. Y'see, my in-laws have a bit of the hoarder bug, so all their storage is already stored beyond full, and a lot of it is stuff we tossed out three or four moves ago. Seriously, if I toss something out, it's rarely worth keeping, but they have ! Plus, we'd have to do the same thing anyway even if we were moving to that tiny apartment we were considering, so...

We did a yard sale this weekend, with DFIL helping while Beloved worked and Dearest stayed with DMIL. Hard work, but we made some decent money, enough to help out with bills, and got rid of a lot of junk. I also sold a lot of dolls, but not one went into the 'end of sale' pile, they all went to good homes, so I'm content with that. What I have is truly what I love the most, so I'm not upset or mourning. Heck, part of me really really wants a visit to TRU soon...

 I met some seriously nice people - got a card from a lovely lady, a set of coasters from another, and met P. who works at the VA hospital, hope to see her again soon ! And, even better luck - big trash pick-up day is Wednesday ! We invited the neighbors and anyone driving by late Sunday to help themselves to any yard sale leftovers they wanted for free, pushed the rest to the curb, and cleaned up the house. Got the cats moved - today you get to see a nearly-grown Oliver, asleep in a plastic tub that moved sewing stuff, with a bit of a breathing tube visible in the lower right corner - and even found someone interested in the place, and took her number and name for Mr. Hardhart. 

Don't get me wrong - he's clearly entitled to his rent. We owe it to him, and no one understands it better than me. My erstwhile folks had rental properties (they actually raised the rent on me when I moved in to one), so I know how it is. But some slight compassion would have encouraged us to stay and work it out. As it was, money was all that mattered, not me just barely out of Intensive Care, running around with a breathing tube, and facing defibrillator surgery, so that's what they'll get. At least they won't have to evict us, we're already gone. And they'll get their rent money. It'll probably just take 'til the end of the month, and yes, we have asked about our deposit, we just haven't heard back from them yet. Go figure. 

So that's where things are. We're kinda crowded, and there's boxes all over the back porch, but we've already moved the dining room table back into the dining room - right next to my redone sewing/computer arena ! - and had dinner as a family, so things always get better. We have goals and hope and we're together, and that's about as good as things get. 

Tomorrow - the new Monster High special. And the Gil doll !! So much to be excited about !

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  1. Your health and family are more important than stressing out over how to get rent. So you made a good choice for yourselves. Just means you are destined to stay somewhere else. I bet you will find an awesome place. For now try to take it easy and go with the flow. The moving arrangements aren't forever. *hugs*