Monday, October 24, 2011

It's like a speedometer, Ghoulia - and you definitely don't want to get caught going too fast on it !

Current Mood : Diggin' for DVDs, frustrated at all the boxes...

McRib Count : 2

Current Image Notes : Has anyone noticed that most hospital rooms still have old blood pressure monitors secured to the walls ? They never get used anymore, since the newer ones are portable, faster, and more reliable. Ghoulia is always intrigued by old, outdated tech...

I don't envy the Post Office. BIL moved out, we moved in, F&MIL didn't move an inch, and we all have the same last name. We're gonna be trading mail for weeks.

But it's not something I need to worry about right now. Most of our bills already have our correct address !

Dearest Son lost another baby tooth last night, so we took him out for a celebration, any restaurant for lunch he wanted. He picked McD's, since it's been a while since we went out. I was happy, because I can't resist McRibs. With all the weird limits on my diet, and my still-wonky sense of taste weighing in, I was just glad they still taste good ! I now find the fries waaaay too salty, though.

That was pretty much the big excitement of the day. I reclaimed my jewelry armoire, a Christmas gift from DF&MIL the year Beloved Hubby and I got married. Over the last decade, I've nearly stopped wearing jewelry, but I have a rekindled interest in it lately. Of course, all of it's dimestore stuff - a couple pendants are from vending machines ! - but I sort of feel like I'm finding myself again in the various drawers. Hope my ear piercing hasn't closed up...

Had to run to Mal-Wart for a few groceries, and got a quick peek in the doll section. Nothing new there, either. Guess I need to get back sewing if I want anything new !

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