Friday, October 21, 2011

I got a scale - but I'd rather have Gil !

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Beloved Hubby says he's never seen anyone play with shelves before, but my MH crew was still in the oversized 2010 ComicCon  Monster High  swag bag they were moved in last week. I was happy to get them out ! Still need to do some rearranging and such, but I love my new shelves. It's hilarious to me that one of them was made - actually re-made - from one of the 'Yard Sale' signs we put up last weekend ! The yard sale signs were made from cutaway he saved from a job earlier that week. I hung the ComicCon bag under the shelf, to catch the odd prop or package leaflet that turns up as we recover from the move.

It's surprising even to me that I never got the 2011 ComicCon bag. It was completely different and even had Ghoulia on it. But really, one of those huge things is enough. And I really preferred the 'classic' styling (and less neon brightness) of the first one.

Dearest Son and I exchanged boxes - he got the bright skull one he's always liked, I got the bigger underbed box I needed. It can hold all the skull box did, plus the Hydration Station and DracuLaura's coffin-bed, and all the stands. Frankie's 'recharging station' bed was too tall to fit in it (and the other two took up most of the space), so I put it all back in its box and stored it next to the underbed one. Much better.

Got to visit Target today, to pick up the bathroom scale I have to have. I'm supposed to weigh m'self daily, as a precaution, and note any sudden increases. Ugh. I hate keeping up with my weight. But I don't want a repeat of this past...nearly a year, so I'll do it. Got a nice one I can read easily - digital ! - and spent a few minutes in the MH section. Nothing new. We still don't even have the new clothes or Spectra and Abbey, much less Gil and the Skull Shores dolls. I know it shouldn't matter, especially with all we've been through lately, but our total lack of doll stuff gets downright depressing sometimes.

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