Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lots going on, too bad it's all boring...

Current Image Notes : Frankie finds the best spot for watching cable TV - on top of my IV feed !

Catch-up day today - since it's expected to rain all night, beginning at midnight, I decided I'd best go through the boxes on the back porch, make sure they didn't get soaked during the last thunderstorm. It took more out of me than I thought ! But I got it done. All my dolls were dry and safe, as well as the box of doll clothes. Whew ! I re-stacked them a bit further away from the porch edge and safety-pinned the rain-proof tarp around them. Now they're protected, top and all four sides. I'm hoping they won't get soaked from the bottom - it'd have to be a lot of rain for a long time for that to happen !

With that done, I decided to tackle some other 'meaning to' jobs - some stuff needed to go somewhere, and the step-stool toolbox was just the tool to get it done. Hung the 'Dull Women Have Immaculate Houses' print over the door in the kitchen, since there was already a screw there. While both DFIL and DMIL insist we hang or put up anything we like, I'm still reluctant to drill anything larger than a pushpin into someone else's walls. And even then, I'd rather push them into the walls of my desk hutch walls than their house.

With that done, I moved into our bedroom. A box with several of my Barbie cases in it had been moved in and emptied, leaving the cases. There's no real space to hang them in there, so instead I took my three favorites - the two Midge ones and the 70s era white one (I had an identical milk-of-magnesia pink one as a kid) - and placed them on the high shelf Beloved Hubby made me, behind some Monster High dolls. Looks pretty good, actually.

Unfortunately, that and the box shuffle wore me out, and I fell asleep for an hour. Arrgh. I haven't been that tired in some time. Luckily Dearest Son was watching cartoons with DFIL. He said Dearest went to check on me, and said I was napping, so they decided to watch TV. What a sweet boy we have !

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