Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last of the 'Hospital' series photos...

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Ah, shoot. I really hadn't meant to miss a week of entries. And I'm not even sure exactly why I did, other than 'I missed a day' became 'I missed a week' in an eye-blink. Lemme catch up, since really, there wasn't much going on, but I wrote entries anyway !

Today was 'the big day', if you were waiting for the Nickelodeon Monster High : Fright On ! special. I was amazed - our listing showed it as a half-hour show, so I had no idea how they were gonna resolve this huge plot in such a short time. I was delighted when it went an hour. Ended up having the whole house watching with me, and had to run it again to get the earlier plot points for the late-comers.

I mostly enjoyed it, save for the 'Oh ! He's back !' conclusion to Gil and Lagoona's Romeo and Juliet story. And the too-Twilight Vampires vs. Werewolves plot. I don't know (or care) if the bloodsuckers fighting the dogs has been around for decades, I never heard of it before Twilight, and I doubt most people read near as many fairy-tale volumes as I do. So, to me, it was kind of a cheap, quick plot when they really have the means to do far more with what they already have. Makes a fan wanna start writing fan-fiction, ya know ?

It was a little bittersweet to remember that the last special was a year ago, and to most of us fans, MH started last summer, so it's been well over a year already. At least they quit repeating how Frankie's only 15 days old - it was getting so her first day of life was at least a month long !

I've been to most of the majors around here - TRU, Target, Mal-Wart - at least once in the past week or two, and nothing's new. I still have yet to see an actual Abbey Bominable or Spectra doll yet. And I refuse to pay $25. for an $8. doll outfit no matter how much I like it. I really need to sit down and sew already ! 

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