Thursday, October 20, 2011

My heart just loves...I wish that was all it does.

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Kind of a 'not much' day today - I had a VA Medical Center appointment with Heart Rehab. I've been put on a gentle exercise regimen, and given some books to study. I also found that we qualify for travel reimbursement. It's a small amount, and only kicks in when we've had more than three appointments in a month. I still felt bad about asking for it, much less taking it - they're already doing so much for us. But as another vet put it, 'If you don't use it, we can lose it', so I guess I should. Don't want to muck things up for anyone else, ya know.

On the way home, we bought a new-to-us water heater, since the one at DFIL's is seriously wanting. Craigslist to the rescue ! I hope it works. Beloved Hubby's installing it now.

We also visited TRU, since Beloved holds that, after my appointments, we can go anywhere I want. Nothing new, although I am thinking of getting the Monster High 'Fearleader' 3-doll set, just for the clothes. Some of our waylaid funds will be in around month's end, and since TRU still had not much new - and certainly no Gil dolls yet ! - I may go for that. Hope they have another 20% off coupon coming up soon.

I did get to see the storage case and the display one, but they were both so flimsy, I didn't think either of them worthy of their cost. Far as storage goes, what I had was already better, but I'm thinking of moving it all to an underbed box. The colorful skulls box I've used since last year is just a bit too tall to go underbed easily, and I could use more space for their stuff. Now it just remains whether I buy a new underbed bin or encourage Dearest Son to consolidate his toys down to where I can gank one of his. He has five, but only four will fit under his bed anyway...and he loves that colorful skulls one. He picked it out last year !

Yaay ! The new-to-us water heater is installed and it works ! Oooh, hot showers soon ! The old one made for lukewarm ones at best. This one gets it nice and hot. Beloved's parents are thrilled.

You won't believe this, but Beloved wasn't done yet ! After the heater work was done, he unpacked some tools and made two shelves for me, to display my Monster High dolls ! He'll hang 'em after dinner. Isn't he the greatest ! I'll have to get some photos. One of them is wide enough to do small dioramas !

I love my incredible man...

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  1. DorrieBelle, I got the flyer for TRU's for this coming Sunday. If you purchase $50.00 of Monster High Dolls or Accessories you get 10.00 off.