Monday, December 12, 2016

'The pleasure of what we enjoy is lost by wanting more.' Lucky Numbers : 8, 53, 42, 2, 51, 34.

Sorry to vanish on ya this weekend, but it was pretty boring around Chez Insanity – while Beloved Hubby was home, we sat round watching movies and video games, but mostly sleeping. I think I nearly caught up on mine, I feel pretty calm and centered for the first time in weeks. Plus, I hinked my shoulder, something I only do when I’ve been in a bed too long. Got to watch our copy of A Christmas Story, proof that I’ve finally figured out the DVD/Blu-Ray function of the PS4. Sometimes, while I love new tech and goggle at the improvements they bring, I really wanna just push the darn tape into the player and watch it, without jumping through ten screens to get to the FastPlay ™ or five more selection windows. By the time ya get the movie started, your popcorn’s cold !

Cleaned out the garage a bit, filling one of our two trash pick-up cans with broken, odd trash the IL’s left behind. Beloved now has room for his tools, something he’s not had in months. I claimed a couple jackets and the Jo-Ann’s bag I repaired. At first, I thought maybe MIL had two, ‘cause I couldn’t find my own repair, but I looked twice, and there it was. Jackets have been washed already, and I used the last of our available coat hangers on today’s loads. Planning on a Dollar Tree run with Dearest Son tomorrow, I’ll pick up a set there, if they’re in stock. 

In between laundry loads, I finally removed most of the clutter generated from filling my small book-case back up, so now there’s more living room. There’s just three boxes in the hallway, waiting to be taken back upstairs – those are Beloved’s books. He was happy with my changes. 

Sprung for Chinese food tonight. Delicious ! My gums are still a bit on fire from the Hot and Sour soup I love, but even that felt great. Even the fortune cookies were crisp and tasty. And Dearest Son has decided his new go-to is Orange Chicken. I prefer the kind from the M-W deli, as the kind from our Chinese place is much spicier !

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  1. Nothing more relaxing than getting the best of clutter and catching up on sleep :-)