Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Good Day Wednesday !

Whoof. Today’s one of those days that didn’t go as planned, not at all, but it was a really good day regardless. Could not settle to sleep last night, so when Beloved Hubby awoke at 5am, I was already up to greet him, and offer to make breakfast.  I think the smell of sausage patties and cheese eggs woke up Dearest Son, so we shared a nice country breakfast, with good bread and discussions about several topics, from a video game the guys are playing together to my opinion of a trailer Beloved hopes to buy this month. All too soon, he had to leave for work, so while he loaded tools, I made his lunch, and advised him to take the unopened tin of holiday butter cookies in, to share with his co-workers. He liked that. 

Of course, after a big breakfast like that, I was tired as anything, and with Junior-kitty joining me, slept the sleep of the pure and justified for six straight hours. Grabbed a shower and scooted up to the grocery store for ‘just a few things’ that ended up being $35. As always ! At least I kept it down to a pound of out-of-season cherries, but those things are delicious ! 

Snagged a couple of the specials and some bits for new recipes, but forgot to get the marshmallows I like to use for cereal bars, to use up the stuff going stale. Funny, how pressing them into melted ‘mallows suddenly makes those old Fruit Circles and Rice Puffs irresistible. It’s pretty much this recipe, just adjusted for whatever cereal amounts I have to use up (nobody here really likes Cheerios), or anything else, like pretzels or leftover trail mix bits, I want to add. We also rarely cut the resulting mess into bars, more like, we pull off  chunks ‘til it’s gone. Again, always amazing at how fast that happens. 

We’re due for some possible snow this weekend, thank Everything Beloved’s planned to be home. I also have a box of brownie mix that needs to be used fast. If you’re gonna be home all weekend, might as well enjoy some treats ! 

Fell asleep in my chair, as Beloved pulled another long day, but made us a nice, warm spaghetti dinner. So none of the laundry or sewing got done, but I’m OK with that. It was a nice day. Hope yours was, too !

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