Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Some days, I feel as appreciated as Tuesdays . . .

Great news ! The ILs made it safely to BIL’s today. What a wonderful relief ! They informed everyone via FaceBook, and thanked all who helped them on their journey by name – except us. ‘Cause, ya know, agreeing to let them live with us for three-plus months’ rent-and-all-bills free, giving them a car, surrendering the keys to the Ranger when they needed to run errands without using their own fuel (and replacing ours one gallon at a time) and letting them store their left-behind junk isn’t enough to warrant appreciation. (shakes head) I gotta let this crap go, and just be grateful they’re BIL’s deal now.

Yesterday’s housework wiped me out. I was too geared up to sleep last night, and ended up over-sleeping, then over-sleeping a nap. So I didn’t get a lot done today. Moved the boxes crowded into the hallway over to the living room, so I can go through them later – and we all can go through the hallway without getting box-scraped or turning sideways. 

Called my Cardiac Rehab office, see if my appointment was successfully rescheduled for tomorrow, but like last time, only got an answering machine. I told them if I didn’t hear from ‘em, I’d assume I didn’t have the appointment, and would call later. Honestly, dragging up there in rush-hour traffic, then back, 45 minutes on the interstate each way, is a bit much for 20 minutes on a treadmill. I know I get tossed from the program if I miss too many appointments, but honestly, that doesn’t concern me much. In some ways, I kinda hope they drop me. I should have Wii Fit up and operational later this week. 

Washed my too-short fleece blankets, along with some other stuff, today. Gonna cut up and sew the fleeces together, making hand and foot pockets on each end for one toasty blanket instead of two pieces of not-enough fleece. It’s not a mermaid blanket, but it’ll do ! And I’ll know better than to buy a 60-inch blanket ever again. You’d think it’d be fine, since I’m only 64 inches tall, but they never cover well. Nope, in the future, all my fleece blankets are at least two yards long. That pretty much guarantees coverage for all but the tallest !

Dinner was ‘Leftover Buffet’, another wonderful find in the Eat It or Starve, Your Choice cookbook. I made a ham over the weekend, and we had leftover tacos still, so my guys chowed down. Dearest Son is getting pretty good at reheating tacos ! I wasn’t very hungry (lost two pounds so far !), and the bagged greens from Thanksgiving were getting a bit rusty, so I had a huge salad with cheese and cauliflower, drizzled with the salad dressing that vanished weeks ago. Yum ! Here’s hoping I fall asleep before I get hungry again !

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  1. It's great that your in-laws got to their next home safely. Now you can focus on yourself and your loved ones :-)
    I have the same problem as you with some fleece throws I have. They're so warm even though they weigh nothing at all but aside from covering my legs when I'm reading they're too short to be of any use. If I used them in bed I'd have to decide whether I want icy feet or icy shoulders. I like them so much more than ordinary blankets that I mat steal your idea.:-)
    Take care.