Monday, December 19, 2016

Adventures with a truly frozen Elsa !

Clearing out my camera – I really should go back to a ‘real’ camera, but the one in my phone is much better than the ones I have. Only problem is, it takes forever to download images, so I try to have as few stored on it as possible. 

So I found these, the photos I took of the ‘JC Penney’ toddler Elsa I got from GoodWill for 99¢. Y’see, Elsa dolls seem to find me now ! I’d never bought this one, preferring the ‘real’ Disney Animators doll, because I hate colored legs on dolls. Either put ‘em in hosiery or skip it- those blue legs look like she’s literally frozen ! Poor Anna fared even worse, her legs are an impossible to coordinate with yellow-green. Can always keep ‘em in pants or long dresses, but still. Almost as bad as perma-blouses, in my book. 

I think the reason this one was so inexpensive – normally any second-hand Disney doll goes for at least $4., more if it’s not naked and has shoes – was due to the nefarious Bunchem entangled in her hair. Luckily, it was just the solo orange one. When these first came out, back in 2015, Bunchems were designed as a building toy that clung to itself. Unfortunately, it also snarled the heck out of hair, as shown here. Spin Master didn’t really address the problem, except to say conditioner would help remove the demon balls, and I don’t think they’ve been sold since. Some geniuses go walking in the woods and dream up Velcro ™, other hopefuls end up with a PR disaster like Bunchems.  

I mostly cut this snarl-ball out of JCP Elsa’s hair, which didn’t cost her much of it. Some of the bits are at her feet. Her hair rebraided easily, and now, with the exception of her cold-looking bare blue feet, she looks almost new. Just wish I could find that little girl who wanted her so much again ! 

I think that gives me three Elsa toddlers now - four if you count the one I donated last year !

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