Monday, December 5, 2016

Beloved Hubby and I both wish my stash was that small !

Whoof. I’m exhausted. I’m hoping that, by busting my big ole butt this week getting the house reset to our still-messy-but-much-loved Chez Insanity instead of the wreck it’s been since August, I’ll have time for fun next week. So I picked a truly boring week to restart this – sorry ! 

Put away six loads of laundry that have been sitting around for weeks, as now I have a place to put everything. Our clothes have been in bags since the ILs moved into our bedroom and redid everything, even removing Dearest Son’s and Beloved Hubby’s framed art from the walls. I still don’t know why they did that, it’s not like they had framed masterpieces of their own, the walls remained blank the whole of their stay. I think that added to my turmoil, living like an extra in Americathon, when it’s our darn house ! At least it’s over now, and I will NOT let it happen again. 

Truly the laundry wasn’t that complicated, and normally I’d feel embarrassed, bags or no bags, for not seeing to it earlier. But our bedroom is once again upstairs, and there was a lotta stuff that had to go up today. Thank Everything Dearest helped ! Still, I was up and down a dozen times when before, I’d gone up maybe once every other day. But it’s about time I got back on the Original Stairmaster ! 

I also put away the non-perishable groceries abandoned in the garage, although what I’m gonna do with three cans of pumpkin and four of peas (no one here likes ‘em) escapes me – at least ‘til the next canned food drive. Hope it’s soon. 

Also left behind was a Jo-Ann’s shopping tote – the kind they sell – that had ripped down one seam. I fussed with it until it looked untouched from its original state. You’d have to look close to see my repair, I was really quite proud of it. MIL made such a fuss about needing it for the trip. Yet there it sits. (sigh) 

Got rid of the floor clothes – nearly ankle deep ! – and other miscellaneous stuff from the clutter-corners of the living room. Things sure do pile up if I’m not right there on ‘em. I keep telling my guys that the development of the Roomba doesn’t mean robot maids are close at hand – not even close enough yet for them to dump stuff on the floor. Even if ‘Rosie’ was available next week, we sure couldn’t afford her ! 

I think tomorrow, I’ll take Dearest to Dollar Tree, see what’s new and exciting since last week. (grin) I’ve discovered that an intense day of housework, like today, followed by a light one then another big one gets the most done without injury or other problems. And seeing so much improved is a big impetus to keep it going. Gonna store my books from where they got tossed down the length of the hallway (sigh) and catch up on dishes. Then, by Wednesday, I can tackle the not-cleaned-once-in-four-months upstairs bathroom. Heck, I’ll deserve a new doll for all that ! Too bad I can’t think of any I want. . .

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  1. That picture is hilarious. On big laundry days I'm so thankful washers and dryers were invented.
    Glad to hear you're getting things back to normal and trying to balance heavy work days with lighter ones. Take care.