Saturday, December 17, 2016

Knock it off already, Decima !

I think you've measured enough lives for a winter storm already.

Today was just crazy. Beloved Hubby was up early to work on his half-finished equipment trailer, then decided to work on another aspect of it, changed his mind and started a third, then it all fell apart, so he figured it wasn’t worth all this expense and effort, we were buying a ‘new’ trailer. So he picked us up and Dearest Son and I went with him to see one in our price range he’d found on Craigslist – in the meantime, he’d already sold the old one ! He’d detailed all he’d done and all he needed to do to it as part of the ‘as is, where is’ bill of sale, the buyer was just happy for the price. 

The ‘new’ one was at a used car lot about 45min away – and it was junk, plain and simple. Unexplained holes in two of the walls, part of the floor was missing, both tires were flat and the door was on one hinge. Pass. Checked out another, an hour away in the opposite direction. This awesome seller knocked off $200., so it was less than the used car one. And was in far better shape than it or our old one. Better built and even insulated, too. We could even return some unopened parts we’d purchased. So, while we were gone all day, we have a much better equipment trailer, and Beloved feels pretty good about it, since we all made the decisions together. He has big plans for tomorrow, unless it’s too cold to mess with his Christmas present in the driveway ! 

By now, everyone was hungry, even though we’d stopped for snacks and sodas on bathroom breaks, so amid new-falling snow, we decided on one of our rare indulgences at a local BBQ restaurant and brought home two pounds of ‘moist’ brisket and several ears of corn on the cob. Delicious, and there’s enough brisket for another whole meal ! Dearest didn’t used to be a fan of meat slabs like this, but he certainly is now. I kind of admit, I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s brisket, too. 

Once home, I immediately crashed on the sofa for two hours. Hadn’t gotten much sleep, because while Beloved was up early, I’d had my usual later bedtime and weird dreams about water supplies (turns out I was badly dehydrated), so I was pretty tired and slow to answer his frequent texts. They’re always welcome, but didn’t allow for much catch-up sleep. 

It went from 65° yesterday to 9° today, so the house was a bit chillier than before. Luckily I’d already washed the old quilts and bedspreads we used last year to cover the windows and patio doors. I gathered those in a pile while Beloved and Dearest taped the seams shut. True, it does make Chez Insanity somewhat cave-like, but it’s better than cold and drafty ! And it’s not like the ILs didn’t leave enough lamps and end tables behind to light up the joint ! Only problem is, they took all the light bulbs !


  1. The temperature dropped here too, there's a lot of black ice on the roads.
    I thought everyone weatherproofed like we do in Canada. They sell precut kits or you can just buy wide rolls of clear plastic ( a bit thinner than clear shower curtains) and double sided tape that goes around the window or patio door frame to keep out drafts but let sunshine in.
    Your way might be better though, despite the darkness, because the way we do it the windows are sealed until spring when you remove the plastic.

  2. Wow, you guys got a heck of a deal on the new trailer!

    It's freezing here, too. We even got a little snow, but the sun came out and melted it all, even though it's still below freezing. I'm just hoping and praying that the pipes don't freeze and bust!