Saturday, May 21, 2016

Change out the belt, put her hair up in earmuffs. . . yeah, that'd work.

Oh, yeah ? Well, you're no Han Solo either !
It's a beautiful day today. Warm and sunny – three days ago, we nearly turned the heat back on ! - and the cottonwoods are blooming. At least, I think that's what they're doing, there's thousands of tiny bits of white cotton twirling aloft in the light breezes. It's sort of like being in a snowglobe of Spring.

Had a nice Star Wars moment – first one since the confusion I felt over Episode VII – and I think it told me what I needed to know. That is, where I fit in the fandom. Well, 1977 was a long time ago, and so was 1999, I'm not that dazzled 11-year-old anymore, and I'm far from the dedicated adult, too. Like other things that have fallen away from me, or gone on without me, Star Wars was fun at the time, but there's too much else going on for me to be the fangirl I was. And that's fine.

(grin) My trigger was a Facebook post, oddly enough. It basically said, over a photo of several of 'em, 'The color of the shirt you're wearing plus what you just ate is the name of your new Star Destroyer'. I pity those who choose to defy the will of The Grey Cherries !

And, as a bonus, I watched The Philadelphia Story, presented by our PBS affiliate, and noticed how much Katherine Hepburn's 'Pool' dress resembled Leia's. Wonder if John Mollo was inspired. . . his first job as a costume designer was for Star Wars, and he also did Alien, Ghandi, and Chaplin. One day, I'll snag that 'original trilogy' costuming book, it's a bit pricey.


  1. I never noticed it before but you're right those are very similar dresses and Hepburn's movie (well, every one she made, really) was a classic so it could be the inspiration.
    The weather is so strange these days that though it's warm here too, I wouldn't bet against one last snowfall.
    Take care.

  2. Hi Dorrie,

    Wanted to send a little message to say that I hope you are doing alright! You are always missed when you are gone, but sometimes it's good to take a little break.

    Hope you are the family are all doing well, sending lots of love your way!

  3. Hi Dorriebelle, I hope you're doing OK and getting some rest. Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you and hoping for the best. Take care!

  4. Hi Dorriebelle, just checking in to say I hope you and your loved ones are doing OK. Take care! Hug.

  5. Haven't heard from you in a while, Dorrie. Hope you guys are doing well.