Sunday, September 25, 2016

Zombie Blog !

Wheee ! Both this here blog and me are coming back from the dead ! Whoof. What can I tell ya'll, Summer 2016 has seriously lacked !

Sorry if I made anyone worry. I hadn't been feeling good for a while, so when I got a massive stomach-ache at the end of June, I knew my hernia had come calling, just to make the misery complete. Since it'd been nearly 20 hours by the time I called for help, my primary care Doc advised us to hit the VA ER. Three days later, I had a strangulated hernia operation – it was chewing on some intestine. Ick.

Surgery went well, it didn't even really hurt much. But with all my other health complications, recovery was long and exhausting. Spent my 50th birthday and the 4th of July in Critical Care, with zero appetite and little energy. But my guys were there for me, with balloons and glow sticks and some fun little things I could enjoy from my hospital bed. I was still wiped out when I was cleared to go home nearly a week later.

To make a long story short (too late !), more complications landed me back in the ER with a massive infection and a drain tube that I still have. If you've never had a drain bulb, don't look it up. If you have, then you'll know why I reacted like I'd gotten a Christmas present when my surgeon said we'll remove that Thursday. Hooray !

I'd barely been home for three days when I started having severe, crushing headaches, massive visual distortions, and sleep-all-day weakness. Back to the ER, seems a medicine conflict rendered me life-threatening dehydrated, and I was also taking two other medicines that left me wide open to a 'bleeding event'. That, along with my remarkably low blood pressure, meant another week and a half in the VA's tender care. I was feeling much better even before I was admitted, so this most recent stay was the most boring and restless one. Ever find yourself ridiculously happy when you find an unworked Sudoku in the left-behind waiting room newspaper ? Yes, that bored. At least Beloved Hubby visited nearly every day and often brought ginger ale and small, healthy treats (with my doctors' approval).

I just got home last week, and am finally enjoying some of the good health so many people have worked so hard to give me. Got plenty of rest, double-checked all my medicines and cleared up that last misunderstanding, and gave some thought to a lot of things. I wondered if this blog was worth saving, but ultimately, I missed it too much to kill it, although I may not post as frequently as before. So, with your kind, continued indulgence, I'm back ! I drove to a flea market yesterday and two thrifts today, so you know I'm feeling better.

Hope your summer was more memorable, for better reasons !


  1. Oh my gosh, Dorrie! What a harrowing summer you've had! Glad to know you're feeling better again!

  2. Welcome back! I was wondering where you were but didn't want to be a creeper about it and post on my blog if anyone had heard from you lately. I'm sorry you had so many health issues, but I'm glad you're back on the mend. Hopefully it's continued good health until you're back to ship shape!

  3. Dear DorrieBelle,
    I'm so glad you're back! I knew from being a longtime reader of your blog that you have had health issues in the past and I was fearing the worst. Let's just say, you were in my prayers during your absence. I'm happy to hear that you're doing better now, and that you decided to keep blogging. Welcome back to the blogosphere.
    Signed, Treesa

  4. Glad you're back and your health is getting better. You were missed. Take your time and post when you can :O)

  5. Hi Dorriebelle! It's great to see you're back. I was worried because you seemed really exhausted in your last posts, you've really been through the wringer since then. I hope that's all in the past but don't take on too much and post when you can as Dollz4Moi says.
    Belated Happy Birthday!
    Take care and big internet hug!

  6. Hi Dorrie, I'm so glad to hear you are doing better now and that you are back!