Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Seashell fabric and drawer knobs !

Had enough energy to take Dearest Son to a Game Day – first time since I ‘went down’ back in March. He and his friend O. had lots to catch up on ! O’s sister K. still refuses to acknowledge much less talk to me, and her mom S. noticed it today. We both just shrugged. I’m not gonna correct someone else’s kid if they’re aware and not doing it themselves.

Still felt good after the coffee-klatch – the other moms hadn’t seen me in so long, I was somewhat of novelty, so they actually talked to me – and afterward felt charged enough to take Dearest to the craft store as he requested, to spend his allowance. With a coupon, we were able to get what he wanted for the funds he had, yaaay ! I also found some glittery star-shaped buttons on clearance, a seashell print remnant, and the three remaining drawer pulls my rolling cabinet needed, on half price. Unfortunately, I started to crash at the register, so I bought a vintage style Neapolitan coconut stripe bar. Ate half of it in the parking lot and on the way home and felt better. I’m on a very restrictive diet these days that’s difficult to keep, but I try, and I’ve even lost some weight, so I feel a bit bad about the unexpected candy. I’ll probably carry the rest on tomorrow’s VA appointment, just in case.

I’ve almost completely given up soda and coffee, except for occasional decaf coffee. I’d rather eat my calories than drink them, so most of my limited fluids are ice water, occasionally with a jolt of liquid Crystal Lite flavor. Never thought I could do that, two years ago, I’d tell you I hate water, and it’d be true. It’s always amazed me how fast things can change. Beloved Hubby and Dearest can go out for Big Gulps and Slushies, and even chips, seeing them enjoy 'em doesn’t make me yearn. I’m just glad Sevvy (7-11) has fruit now.

My reward for getting out of the hospital and losing weight was the Hasbro ‘Coronation Change’ Elsa doll. You’ll see photos of her soon, she’s just lovely ! And her shoes almost look large enough to fit at MH doll. Hmmm. . .

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  1. Those drawer pulls look lovely and antique.
    I've noticed that no matter how much we think we crave a sort of food or spice after a couple of weeks without it, we often don't even like it anymore. Companies really do put so much more salt and sugar than necessary and once you can taste the difference again, it's just too much to be as pleasant.
    I'd love to see the new Elsa. Big Hug.