Thursday, May 19, 2016

Slowly getting back to dolls, not diet. . .

What I thought of when the Dr said 'AFlutter,not AFib'.
Yaay, lost another pound ! If I can get to the next goal, just two pounds away – and keep it down there for at least a week – I get to pick out a new shirt. It's hard to set non-food rewards when you don't know of any dolls, fabric, or sewing tools ya want ! Can use some new clothes, though. I already need a belt for the jeans we bought me last month.

Oh, forgot to mention – part of why I went to the health food store was to check on their soups. The rest was sale cherries and cauliflower – both so tasty ! The VA nutritionist told me that canned or prepared soup was right out unless I was ill, the salt content was simply too high. I've checked darn near every soup there is, some I wouldn't have eaten even if it had been within tolerances, and yeah, she was right. So I wanted to check 'healthy' food options. I found one brand of no salt added soup, and it was tolerably low – too bad it was on sale for $3. a can and even the photo on the can made it look like someone had already eaten it once and didn't like it. I may get desperate enough to try it, but it may be easier to just blow my sodium budget for a day on stuff I know I like. Plus, I've fallen in love with the local Chinese place's Hot and Sour poured over steamed rice. . . oh, it's so good ! Definitely an indulgence.

I'm actually doing fairly well on my diet, but there's a 'dead zone' after dinner and before bedtime that is prime diet fail / snack time. I've decided to fill those hours with some sewing, to keep busy. That way, I can get the housework done in the afternoon, knowing I still have 'me' time in the evening, if my guys don't need me, or if we don't have other plans. Hopefully that'll work out better. While I didn't sew yesterday, I did get the kitchen clean, which felt great ! So I should soon start reporting on dolls instead of diets – gosh knows the dolls are more interesting than my food issues !

With that goal in mind, I found some patterns for ya, freebies, if you bought one of the new 'Curvy' Barbies. Chellywood has a pretty high-low evening gown, along with shorts and a crop top patterns, ready to download and print, on her site – start here for photos and descriptions, and a video on how to design your own patterns for this doll. She has several for the 'Tall' Barbie, too. And dozens for your regular Barbie and Ken !

Now, I just gotta get off my butt and start making things happen again. . .


  1. I'm not surprised you can't find any tasty low sodium options. It's why I had to learn to cook o_O.Still,a bag of frozen vegetables in a can of low sodium beef or chicken stock tastes better and fresher than anything ready-made.
    Thanks for the pattern links. I've had to cut down on crafting these last few months but I look forward to starting up again this summer.
    Big hugs!

  2. I've been out of the loop for a while now, as we moved from NY to NC about 2 weeks ago and I was without internet for almost a month. U just finished catching up with your posts over the last couple months. I am glad to hear your health is improving! :-)