Friday, May 20, 2016

Sushi for supper !

Umm. . .did this doll eat her right arm or something ?
Well, perhaps going shopping at Mal-Wart isn't exactly 'making things happen', but it's better than sitting at home with huge Law & Order characters on the flat-screen, just watching. For the first time since getting out of the hospital, I used a regular cart instead of a motorized riding one – I felt stable enough. We toured pretty much the whole store and if I can outlast that, I'm doing all right.

Nothing new in Fabric, not much in Toys, but I found two sets of Barbie props I liked. Here's the first one, a nice tray of sushi, served with two Barbie Head plates, two sets of chopsticks, and two green sodas. Not bad at all for $2.44 – and the food's not all one color, or the same color as the bowl ! There's one of cleaning supplies, in case the Dream Bathtub needs a good scrubbing with a Dream Brush, and the stairs in the Dream House can certainly use a few minutes with the Dream Portable Vacuum. Or you might want it for another packet that comes with a brown pet puppy and a few coordinated puppy supplies. Hand vacuums come in handy for a lot of pretend doll activities !

For now, though, at least we can answer the question most fans have had since 2013- while Elsa can stomp up a whole ice castle from will and magic, what did she eat all that time ? It's assumed she had WiFi and Netflix, with good reception, too. Still, who would have guessed Marshmallow was an expert sushi chef ? It's true !

Saw my first lightening bug of the year tonight. So pretty !

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  1. Glad you're able to walk for that long.
    It never occurred to me before but you're right, Elsa eats sushi, she certainly can't eat cooked food unless she wants her castle to start melting and her touch would cool food anyways. :D