Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Let's try this again. . .

Sorry to vanish again ! Between all the VA appointments and the 'white coat / doctor visit anxiety' I got giving me no sleep before, and crashing hard afterward, my head's barely been up this month ! But things are finally slowing down, and I feel a lot better - darn near normal ! - so here we go again ! I really appreciate your patience. 

Also this'll probably look different - we had an in-house computer swap, so I'm now on a desktop that used to be Dearest Son's, with darn near all new-to-me software on a really old (Vista !) OS. Bit of a learning curve, ya know. 

This week, the VA sent me a MedicAlert bracelet. Not sure how I feel about that. It's nice though, I keep forgetting I'm wearing it until it clanks against something, like my desk. Had to decode it - I hope whoever finds me in an emergency knows what "HFREF, DM" means ! I do, it's 'Heart Failure Reduced Ejection Factor' and 'Diabetes Mellitus'. Believe me, you don't want me to get into exactly what 'mellitus' means. Ick. Reduced Ejection Factor I always saw as a symptom, but I guess it's more important than that - yours is probably 40 to 55 as a normal adult human. Mine is between 12 and 14. It really is amazing I'm still alive.

In other news at Chez Insanity, we upgraded our gaming systems - we now have a used PS4. That wouldn't matter much to me, since I've never been much of a gamer, even waaaaaay back when 'Pong' was big, when I was half Dearest's age, but we also upgraded the TVs. Dearest got the 'old' flatscreen, the one we just upgraded at Christmas, to play his favorite games on the PS3 he prefers, and I got a H-U-G-E new 40" flatscreen on sale for $150. ! Beloved Hubby totally surprised me, I thought we were getting it for Dearest, but it's now in the Playroom. Half the characters on TV now are life-size ! We even got the switcher so I have the Wii back. I'll be back on the Wii Fit platform this week - yaaay ! 

Lost another pound, bought several pounds of sale cherries (learned that it's hard to find a Subaru in a health-food store parking lot, thank Everything we haven't replaced Subie-doo's bright red hood yet !), still trying to stay on the 'healthy' side of sodium and sugar and fluids. It's a challenge, but it does make a body appreciate the good stuff when she gets it !

Well, I've sadly neglected the kitchen with all these appointments, so guess what I'm up to today ? Hope your Spring has given you some spring in  your step - I want a nap sooo bad. . .

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  1. I'm happy to hear you're being well taken care of. Those bracelets really do save lives, but I think only EMTs can crack all those codes.
    I don't know why but I've never liked big screens: too life-like or something.
    Take care of yourself. Big hugs!