Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Still not right, but not bad either.

Got to sew again ! Too bad it came out nearly the same as the first one. But I played with it for a while, and I can fold the collar part to the front, to the back, under the arms, over the arms, flip it over twice – I came up with all sorts of ways for the doll to wear it. But it's still nowhere near as modest as the ones pictured with the pattern. Still not sure where I'm botching it, and I'm not completely convinced it's my sewing at fault. I may do my usual pattern-tweaking tomorrow, if I'm not tired of it yet.

That was the big excitement of the day. I think I had a sort of relapse, I was really tired today. But I didn't nap, as my medical anxiety over tomorrow's appointment will already make it hard enough to sleep tonight. FIL likes to drive me to the VA when he's feeling well enough, probably because waiting for me gives him quiet time to work on his book, hang out with vets, or enjoy some solo time in the Patriot Cafe. He's completely enamored of their cheeseburgers, too.

Decided not to go to the thrift again today, as the doll I was thinking of getting required shoes six times as expensive as she'd be – plus shipping. Plus, I simply wasn't in much of a mood for it. Kinda hoping the flea market will be in town again this weekend, though.

Well, I gotta be up early tomorrow. Hope your Thursday is great ! You deserve it !


  1. Actually, the modest versions you linked, the person probably printed it off a bit larger than the actual scale since I've tried it myself and got the same results as you...

  2. I like the fabric! Have you ever looked at SugarCharmShop on Youtube? She's been making barbie clothes lately. She is so talented, and everything she does looks so simple, then I try to make it and what a disaster!! Hope you are feeling better!