Monday, September 26, 2016

Kinda Katy Perry-ish, at least to me.

Yay, a quiet day at home. I'm still digging through my neglected e-mail in-box, unsubscribing again from a buncha stuff I unsubbed from the first time I was admitted to the hospital. Those political ones just don't wanna leggo – and they 'share' with dozens of others, so it isn't the one you were sort of interested in, it's that one and its fifteen 'friends'.

Found a good Pinterest board with tons of Barbie patterns I didn't have yet - - and downloaded a few. While I had to make a grocery run today, I hope to sew tomorrow !

Also had to find places for all the goodies from the thrifts, yard sale, and flea market I got to visit this weekend. Not a lot of doll stuff, but I got a pretty Target 'Barbie Basics' doll whose outfit was so amazing, I thought it was original to the doll. Nope, I think the only things she still has from her packaged days are her shoes and a bracelet. Couldn't resist that Steffie face, her dark hair, and those luscious red lips ! And for $4., I didn't have to. That thrift is having a half-off sale Wednesday, and I just might go. They had a lot of nice fashion dolls.

Same store got me a toddler Disney Princess pair of blue 'bow' shoes and a blue dress that could fit either the toddler or possibly the Princess and Me dolls. Hope to try it on one tonight. I also got some tiny blue roses on white flannel and pink 'stars and swirls' fabric there. The rhinestone snowflake necklace will be in season soon, and I can't wait to use the porcelain spout-cup to melt butter in the microwave. I got it all for $11.,cheep ! Another thrift had a blue tag special, so I got three new t-shirts, a pair of pants and a still-tagged nightie – in smaller sizes, I've lost 35 pounds since May ! - for 99¢ each, along with a bike pedal exerciser ($5., was looking at a new one for $25.), a glass loaf pan ($3.), and a box of unopened cocktail umbrellas ($2.) from GoodWill. Total sucker for those little paper umbrellas. Tell ya what I got from the flea market tomorrow.

Slowly but surely picking up household tasks again. Luckily, Dearest Son has been helping me with dishes. Some foods still taste odd to me – fountain sodas are consistently awful, so are many savory items – so dinner's been pretty basic, lunch at home is soups, ravioli, and ramen. That should improve soon !

I'm almost nervous about sewing tomorrow. I haven't done it in months ! Wish me luck, I may need it.

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  1. Thanks for the Pinterest link, you can never have too many Barbie patterns.
    Being sick is a hard way to lose weight but since you were already on that path anyways, Congratulations!
    Every time I stop sewing for a while I forget how to thread my machine and have to look it up. You think that would become second nature at some point.
    Take care!