Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Not too bad, really - even if it wasn't supposed to fit Elsa. . .

It wasn't until I started to write today's entry that I realized – I hadn't told you that, due to a cluster-bomb of family drama that has very little to do with Beloved Hubby and me, M & FIL moved in with us, back when I had the hernia surgery in late June/ early July. They're supposed to move out in a month or so, saving rent and utility bills to join BIL in upstate New York, but we'll see. It's actually gone better than I thought it would, but that may be because I was at the VA for most of their stay so far !

Only problem is, they moved most of our stuff out of our upstairs bedroom – Beloved had already moved our bed downstairs, to the living room, during my Summer of Illness – and kinda just tossed it anywhere. The Playroom is now our bedroom, with bags of clothes and books and misc. shoved around and cluttered up everywhere. I've been too exhausted to clean up much, but if I wanted to sew, I had to dig out from under, same with my cutting table.

But I've been meaning to clean up most of that already, so it felt good when I got it done. Today's effort came out a twinge small for the standard Barbie body it's made for, so when it fit my Hasbro Coronation Change Elsa, I was happy ! BTW, if you're concerned about shoes for the larger-foot Hasbro Disney Princesses, I discovered that she fits most Monster High footwear, and with a bit of persuasion, the ghouls can wear her icy heels !

The pattern's one of the freebies I downloaded yesterday, Dolls Ahoy's 'Cloth 'n' Thread Halter Dress'. It's named so because that's all that's supposedly needed is cloth and thread. I needed a bodkin, a chopstick, and a vat of patience to turn that narrow tie-down collar right-side-out ! But otherwise, it went together well, and sewed up fast - only about fifteen minutes, not counting turning time - but I didn't like how it fit on my test model. So I took it in a bit at the back seam and it fits Elsa beautifully ! She can wear it with the collar up, or folded over, like in the picture. Neat ! If I do the facing in a contrasting fabric, it'll be even more versatile.

I hope to try this pattern again tomorrow, as I think I know where I blew it. If you'd like your own copy, you can find it here - Cloth 'n' Thread pattern (I printed it at 100%, and the inch mark matched) and an image of the finished item here - Malibu Barbies modelling. It's pretty, so I hope I get it right next time. Still, not bad for someone who hasn't sewn in months !

Oh, and I promised to tell ya what I found at the flea market on Saturday. I got a vintage copy of Better Homes & Garden's Sewing Book, and a bag of 70s Workbasket magazines, each for a buck. Workbasket and I go waaay back. My maternal grandmother had a subscription for decades, and during our occasional vacations with them (they lived about a day's drive away), my mother and I would dig through all the back issues, either borrowing some and mailing 'em back, or just taking them to a photocopier machine before we left. While I knew most of them would be knitting and crochet patterns, I couldn't resist the lure of old ads and recipes. Well worth a dollar. I even scored a couple sets of heat transfers, and a lot of Bicentennial craft ideas.

I also got a CD of ocean sounds and the soundtrack to Cats, and several DVDs. But the prize of the day was 'School Spirit' Spectra, still in her box, for $2. ! Even if I decide not to keep her – I already have the first one – I like her clothes and shoes, and will probably keep those.

Well, I gotta clean up tonight's mess if I wanna make another tomorrow. Even if it's cleaner in there than it's been in weeks ! Thanks for all the sweet messages and kind concerns. Ya'll are the best, and I love ya !!


  1. It looks lovely on Elsa. This style has tons of potential with contrasting colors. Maybe this would fit your Barbie from yesterday, she looks like she has a Muse body and that's slimmer than a regular Barbie's (vintage or new style).
    Take care!