Thursday, September 29, 2016

So sleepy. . . I always sleep well after my latest appointment is over !

Yaaay ! Today was a great day. I cooked dinner with MIL, and it was fun and tasty, and my drain bulb is gone. My docs are so amazingly awesome, I didn't feel a thing – they had to tell me they were done, and that was without any numbing drugs of any kind. They also gave me all the opened supplies, as I still have other issues going on that can use them, but even my remaining healing's going well, too.

Today's model is Frozen Fever Toddler Elsa, wearing the dress I got at the thrift for $2. last weekend. The blue bow shoes that came with it are at her feet, I prefer Elsa's originals with that dress. Not sure who that dress was made for, it doesn't close all the way in the back on either Toddler Elsa or any of the Disney Princess and Me dolls. You can't see it from the photo, but it goes to her ankles in the back.

It's part worn out, part brand new, something I see often in kids' toys bought second-hand. While the tulle's Velcro ™ snagged in several places and the edge trim is missing in more, it still had at least four packaging tags dangling from it. I've bought sooo many dolls with wrecked, torn clothes, but their hair is still in the factory set. Or with wrecked hair and perfect clothes, it goes both ways !

Confession Corner : It took me a couple tries to get the sewing machine needle threaded, and I tried to blame my numerous attempts to start a new color for that cross-stitch kit on the hospital's odd lighting. I have to have needles and thread just so to get 'em together these days.


  1. It's great that you're on the mend and are well taken care of.
    This Elsa is super cute. That dress looks mermaid-like to me but I've never seen an Ariel wearing anything like it.

  2. That dress actually came from a High School Musical Sharpay doll. :-)
    Glad to hear that you are healing well!