Sunday, October 23, 2016

If lazy were an Olympic sport. . .

Let’s try this again ! I am sooo out of practice, and I grew to flippin’ hate Open Office in the past month. I got to where I dreaded typing anything, because of all the weird formatting and strange hoops OOffice and I had to leap through to get my ramblings to look right. Stuff MS Office just did, no fuss. So the silver lining to the dark cloud of my computer going out during a power outage / surge Thursday was that I got to return to my old HP laptop, complete with Office 2000. I’d traded it to Beloved Hubby to use for a work image catalog, and took over one of Dearest Son’s old desktops. He ended up not using the HP, so it’s mine again, complete with Office2K. Whew !

Haven’t returned to the VA, except for follow-up appointments. I rejoiced daily for weeks over not having a drain bulb anymore, and darn near celebrated when I took the last of the nausea-causing antibiotics a couple weeks back. Everything’s fine, and on Friday, my wound care / surgery teams even said they didn’t want to see me anymore ! Most of my appointments from here on are the ones I had ongoing before this wretched Summer of 2016, which I will probably refuse to speak of as soon as next year.

Caught cold last week, and I’m just kicking the last of it out of my system. So today, I went after a few tasks that have been waiting for me. Had to redo my desk for the computer change, and tidy up that space. I can finally get to my sewing machines again, which has made me so happy, along with exhausted. Had to lie down after moving all that misplaced stuff. Then I had to shuffle stuff in the living room – a lot of ours is displaced for F & MIL’s things.

(sigh) Their stuff,  which we discovered two weeks ago, is probably not going with them. The original plan was that they’d rent a ya’ll haul truck and trail the car (we gave them) behind. That was why they moved in with us, to save up for the truck for their move to BIL’s. They haven’t saved a dime (we’ll probably have to fund them to leave), and have decided to take what fits in the car and drive it to BIL’s. Yup. A sedan old enough to drink, piled high with clothes, memorabilia, and three cats, is gonna get them nearly 2000 miles away safely. We’re supposed to have a yard sale together next weekend, but I haven’t seen anything happening, and at this point, they have nearly as much crap here as we do. Including furniture.

My plan is, anything that doesn’t go with them gets sold in our yard sale before we move. My sales tend to go to a ‘Everything’s 25¢ Each’ clear-out on the last day. Which may be the first day. Beloved’s completely with me. Some of that stuff is BIL’s too. I’ve asked, since they know the address where they’re going, if they’re gonna mail stuff (especially the 12 boxes of BIL’s paperback sci-fi novels), but they don’t want to. Ah, well.

Wonder what I’m gonna sew next week. . .

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  1. It's wonderful that you're doing well and will be getting all your space back.
    I wish I could step back to past versions of some programs. They always seem to do a major change just when I'm finally completely comfortable using the old version.
    Take care.:-)