Friday, January 8, 2016

The true meaning of MH.

Darn you, MH ! So, OK, sometime last year, I decided I wanted the Garrott du Roque male doll, in part because I like guy dolls, partially ‘cause I liked his look, and I’m a total sucker for couples. Plus, there was the hint of tribute to the line’s designer, Garrett Sander. As mentioned, though, he was only available as part of a set, with Rochelle. I already had the signature Rochelle, so I confess, I spent more time studying the various Garrotts and barely even glanced at the included Rochelle.

Time passes, they’re still in their box. I finally get tired of cluttery boxes standing around,
so I remove Garrott, but Rochelle remains. Until I tried to sell her for a few bucks to another MH fan, I hadn’t noticed her massive eye-wonk. Seriously, one eye is quite noticeably larger than the other. I decided to donate her, perhaps still in-box.

Then, yesterday, I found those three Inner Monster add-on sets at Dollar Tree. I figured, I liked Rochelle’s outfit more than the ‘Fearfully Feisty’ fire dress, so I’d swap ‘em out and donate her then. It was colossally stupid to fix her hair and actually look at her. (sigh) Darn MH dolls. Now I wanna keep her ! Wonk eye or not, she’s adorable ! So she’s not going anywhere. Let Mattel do what it wants with MH, they own it anyway. I got what I wanted out of it. And I still have it all !

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