Monday, January 4, 2016

New year, same social obligations - with new ones added !

I got an amazing gift today ! Beloved Hubby finally saw his co-workers, and he gave out his gifts (those skull-scarves), to much appreciation. The newest guy also got one of his just-replaced compressors, since he’s just starting out and doesn’t have many tools yet. The other guy already got one of his still-under-warranty saws a couple months ago, when Beloved upgraded. In turn, New Guy gave him a 7-11 gift card and a plastic expanding folio – full of AG patterns ! Turns out, his wife used to sew doll clothes on Etsy. She’s bagged it in favor of quilting, and wanted to ditch the stuff she can’t re-use, now that she has the deluxe long-arm machine she’s wanted for so long. I’m impressed – one online seller of those bad boys offers a ‘how many quilts will I have to sell to afford this ?’ calculator, and my bare-bones request came back with ‘99’. Wow.

I thought about making her a quilt-themed key fob, but she already has a select Pfaff embroidery machine, bought last year. She anticipated starting a business with it, but I think that’s been abandoned. No one really wants to pay much for machine embroidery when you can see it all the time on dishtowels at Dollar Tree. True, it’s not good embroidery, and it certainly isn’t at all personalized, but it doesn’t burnish the impression, ya know ? Anyway, Beloved’s been to their house, her sewing room is about twice the size of the Playroom – it’d have to be, to host one of those long-arm beasts ! – and he says her fabric hoard makes mine look like a half-filled plastic tub shoved under a table at a thrift store. His co-worker jokes that many new visitors to their home mistake it for a satellite location of Hancock Fabrics.

So I feel a bit thwarted – of course, I want to show my appreciation for her thoughtfulness, but gift cards, hanging kitchen towels, and keychains aren’t really gonna cut it in this instance. I’d send flowers if we had the funds !

Game Day was due to start up again tomorrow, and I’d even let S. talk me into encouraging Dearest Son to try improv classes with her son O. But then O. got sick tonight, so they’re not going – and I asked if Dearest still wanted to go. He’s not at all interested in the acting classes, and if O’s not there,  he’d as soon go for a nice lunch or a trip to Dollar Tree.

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  1. A quilting themed keychain would still be nice- you know that cliche about the cobbler's children having no shoes- people rarely make cute stuff for themselves. That and pincushions especially those you wear on your wrist are always appreciated by people who sew. You can never find them when you need them but you never remember to buy more when you're at the fabric store.