Thursday, January 7, 2016

Lookit all my Inner Monsters ! They're cheap, like me !

Massive score at Dollar Tree today ! Yup, I got all three of the MH  ‘Inner Monster’ packs there – even got the only one I sorta wanted, the one in the center with the green wig. I got the last one of those in stock, too. Ours had lots of the ‘flame’ themed one, the ‘Fearfully Feisty’ one on the right, and just a few of the ‘Spooky Sweet’ one on the left.

It’s hard to tell, but these aren’t dolls, they’re the wigs, dresses, masks, arm and leg options, shoes, and ‘inner emotion’ pieces that go inside the ‘Inner Monster’ series. In short, everything but the doll ! That series came and went fast, it was sort of a hybrid between Create A Monster and regular MH dolls, just not given a characterization. The tiny ‘inner pieces’ were probably a bit confusing, and too easily lost. Those ultra-large ‘Voltageous Ghoul Friend’ 28-inch dolls sold at Mal-Wart are very similar.

Back when they came out, I wanted the green wig, for its anime style, for my CAM, Carlin Cassidy, and I preferred the purple dress, too. But I never saw it on shelves, just the ‘flame’ one. And at $8. for each retail, I surely wasn’t buying stuff I didn’t want ! It was tempting to buy all the store had (there’s actually two DTrees in OurCity), but I had what I wanted, surely someone else around here would be happy to find these, too. Plus, I didn’t have that much money, and buying to resell never works for me. If you’re interested, be sure to check out your DTree soon !

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  1. WOW!! What a find at the Dtree!! I would be tempted to buy multiples too just so I could customize the shoes! I doubt we will get any at ours, but I'm so impressed you were able to find them there. I feel lucky when our DT has DVDs.

    Saw this video on youtube thought it was cute and maybe you would get a kick out of it.