Friday, January 1, 2016

Doll Time 2 !

Happy New Year ! We started the year off with something new – the calendars I bought back in October were brought out and hung up. Decided to use the ‘Fine Art’ one for our bedroom, and Frozen in the Playroom, so Beloved Hubby wouldn’t have to look at more Elsa than last year. The freebie one from Betty Crocker was enlisted as the ‘family’ one on the fridge. Dearest Son forgot all about his Corvette-heavy ‘Classic Cars Calendar’, but he had it hanging up minutes later. January’s art image ? Starry Night ! With no information about it whatsoever – not the artist or year or even the title of the piece. Guess if you want info with  your images, you need to buy calendars someplace else than Dollar Tree.

Well, running off my mouth finally bit me in my big ole butt. Dearest wants to use his remaining allowance to obtain a DVD of Shrek, and he was fine with ordering it from Amazon. But then I thought, since he’s going to visit his grandparents tomorrow, he might like to have it then, so maybe Mal-Wart would have it. They do – but Dearest didn’t realize that routinely lists stuff they don’t have that needs to be site-to-store ordered. Like DVDs of Shrek. Not in stock at any store in a 50 mile radius. Oh, well.

Then Beloved Hubby got into it, reminding him that Hastings might have it. You know, the Hastings all the way across town that Beloved isn’t interested in going to tonight ? (sigh) Thanks, Honey ! Yes, lists it as in stock at our local store, new for $8., used for $5.50. Off we go. Of course, the only copies they have are $11. used, $12. new, and ‘they musta sold out of those $5.50 copies while you were driving here’ was all I got out of the staff. Sad, they think I’m that stupid. We actually did end up buying two movies, as there was a ‘buy one used, get a second used for $1.’ sale, and it was still within Dearest’s budget. But it’s the last time my ‘stupid’ butt goes to Hastings.

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