Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sleepytime grind.

Still having some vehicle issues. For some reason, when it’s very cold, Beloved Hubby’s truck heater refuses to work ! It’ll make you roll down the windows for relief from roasting when it’s about 40° outside, but if it’s around 30° or below, no heater. I’ve told him, I don’t care if we bounce a check ( our bank’ll cover it anyway, and reserve the NSF money for itself), buy whatever we need to fix it so he doesn’t freeze ! It’s not too bad now, but next weekend, the high is predicted to be right at 36°. Brrrrrrrrr !

Meanwhile, Dearest Son’s friend O. woke up ill today, so we bowed out of both improv class and Game Day this week. I’d thought to take us out to eat, but Dearest wasn’t terribly well either, so we’ll probably go out sometime later. I’d as soon wait ‘til next week, make sure Beloved’s heater is fixed first !

Otherwise it was a kind of ‘meh’ day – caught up on dishes, started taking the tree down. Made one of Dearest’s favorite lunches, polished off some leftovers for mine. Pizza tonight !  

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